Router Table vs Spindle Moulder

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Hi, I was looking to get a router table so i can attach my router to but a friend said i can have his spindle moulder.

What is the difference..... is it just the size ?

Many Thanks

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I'm guessing that you're not in the USA.  In the USA i think what you are calling a spindle moulder is called a Shaper here.  You'd be hard pressed to find the right bits for what you want to do.  Router bits are less expensive.  I wish you luck.

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The shaper offers opportunity That a router can't do. However, they are considered the most dangerous tool in the shop. If you are experienced with big power tools and you give the tool respect for safety you should be OK. Also find some youtube instructions on safety. A free shaper in working order? Why not? In the long run you will need a router as these tools are both unique and complimentary. Also in other ways redundant.

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I would take a free shaper but be cautious and practice before you tackle anything with valuable materials. A lot of work using shapers has the part clamped to a jig/fixture. Production shops use power feeders to hold the wood down and tightly against the fence while controlling the speed it's fed into the cutter. Push blocks or a Grripper would be the minimum safety devices.

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