attaching top and bottom of hutch

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My dad's china hutch had thin metal straps inset into the bottom of the top, and the back of the bottom, which were then screwed.  The straps were invisible from the front and sides. Lee Valley sells them, they're apparently called "Stacking Plates" :,43715,43716&ap=2



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I would use pegs.  Drill a hole in the bottom piece, and then in the underside of the top piece, aligned with the bottom hole.  Wooden peg/dowel in the bottom, align the top, and Bob’s your uncle.  Gravity holds it “down”, peg prevents lateral movement.  Think of it as a floating tenon, without glue.

Two pegs half inch diameter each have held my workbench top to the legs for over 10 years now...

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Here's an idea if you would like something more secure than using dowels.  These are Steel Bed Rail Fasteners, available from Rockler, that lock when slid together.  Align them so that when you slide the upper section to the rear they lock.  Then, on the back, put a screw at a 45 degree angle going through the top section into the top effectively keeping the rail fasteners in their locked position.



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