Need advice - Still experimenting with lacquer

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I've been replacing all of the picture frames in the house with ones I've made. My wife and I really prefer a very high gloss, highly polished finished on these frames. After experimenting with several variations of lacquer I have come to using the Deft aerosol spray. The finishes are actually turning out pretty nice. But I think I can do better. The process I am using now is to apply about 12 coats, allow to cure for about 10 days or more. Then start wet sanding with 400 grit to flatten surface and then work my way up through 2000 grit for a polished finish. then I use a Beal buffing wheel system for the final polishing, and finally a cleaning wax to get it as smooth and glossy as possible.

Do any of you have a process that's proved effective? Do you sand to higher grit papers? Should I use a rubbing compound after the buffing wheel? Would a spray gun setup improve the quality of the finish and if so, what should I look for when purchasing the equipment (keep in mind that I'm not related to the Rockafellers:) ?

I'd love to hear what you all have to say as I'm still very "green" at this. Thanks!

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