Tennessee Curly Cherry

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Here a couple pics of curly cherry lumber. Look at the outside of the boards in the first pic, thats what a curly tree will look like.

I want to show you what I got from Houston today. Talk about a box maker check this out.

Put a few more sticks of lumber up on the rails.

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That is some real nice wood to work. Smooth as butter. I think I remember Dale said he didn't like that hard sugar maple, do I remember right?

Compared to walnut, which is much more open grain, or cherry, which should be more like the maple, this maple is fun. Completely different feeling. Only complaint is it does want to burn easily. Nevertheless, I'm saving every scrap!

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26 minutes ago, Spanky said:

Bmac, you got all the 9/4 lumber from that log but two 9/4 piece’s and I have them. I kept all the 4/4 lumber from that log.

Well the Houston Boy talked me out of one 4/4 piece. :D

To let you know how much Spanky thinks of this, he keeps it a spare bedroom! 

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On 11/2/2019 at 6:44 PM, Bmac said:

I feel special now. Not a piece of this is going in the woodstove!

Bmac, I have seen the really really good stuff. He has it at someone else's house .  I helped cut a lot of it and even have some of it... 

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Trenched the footings on October 3rd 2018, had a lite shower that night and the boys wanted to wait for a day to let things dry before setting forms...........then we had 8 inches the next day and night. Been fighting the weather since then but it is turning out really nice.


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