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Well, out from under cross ties, the mountain sawyer does appear! Yeah we spoke and I remember you said that alcohol has never touched your lips but you said in our conversation that you were cutting ties from curly cherry. The air must be darn thin on that mountain! :D

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Here a couple pics of curly cherry lumber. Look at the outside of the boards in the first pic, thats what a curly tree will look like.

I want to show you what I got from Houston today. Talk about a box maker check this out.

Put a few more sticks of lumber up on the rails.

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10 minutes ago, B1rdhunter said:

To much snow and ice to do anything but keep my feet close to the ground. Knees are doing well though. I wonder how Dave is getting along with his shots?

Good to hear you’re doing well @B1rdhunter snow and cold here for the next week or so, shots helped but I think a new knee is in my future

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She’s still in progress. Just gotta paint some separate pieces. It’s made in two halves to be assembled around the pole. I plan on setting the pole next weekend. I was going to raise the rent to to the sq. ft. of each unit but I just discovered that there are a pair of big ass hawks building a nest down the street and they’re scoping out their new diner. This is one of the older houses. 


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I sure wish it wasn’t illegal. Bad enough having to deal with sparrows and starlings. I may just have to buy a couple of chickens a day at Kroger to feed these mothers to keep them away from my birds.

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I just pushed down the pole holding a Martin house, at my Mother's house, a few weeks ago.  My Dad and I had built it in the early '60's.  It had wooden shingles on it made out of some thin Honduras Mahogany we had left over from repairing a boat hull.   The house wasn't in terrible shape, but the creosoted telephone pole is was on was rotten in the ground.  I was worried about which way it would fall, so made that decision myself.  I thought about trying to save that birdhouse, but the to-do list was just too long.

I have a single shot, break action strong pellet gun for bird pests.  I like the open sights better than a scope.  When you sneak around a corner to get a bead on a Flicker, you don't have much time to get a bead on it.  If that won't do it, an 1100 will.

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13 minutes ago, Chestnut said:

I'd rather have the hawk in my yard. At least hawks get rid of pests like squirrels and rabbits as well as the unfortunate bird. I have a few fur piles in my backyard right now from my neighborhood hawk grabbing a few rabbits.

Next to sex, family, Woodworking, friends and gardening, ( don’t commit me to the importance order) purple martins are a big enjoyment in my life. Give me your zip code and I will send them your way! (The hawks)  :D

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HIre some Crows.  They'll chase the Hawk.   We used to have a Crow that would come eat cat food out of the bowl with the cat.  The Crow still comes around, but the old cat finally passed on, so we don't have cat food out any more.  When the cat was around, and the bowl was empty, that Crow would sit on the edge of the shop roof, bend his head down over the edge at me, and call for me to go put some damn food in that bowl.

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I really like crows but they are few and far between around here. Dried cat food here only draws possums and my wife hates those critters. 

We have quiet a few mockingbirds that will chase hawks but only when they are in the mood. And the mockingbirds eat my tomatoes. Damned if I do and damned if I don’t. 

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