Tennessee Curly Cherry

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3 hours ago, Spanky said:

Rick, what are you working on now?  I need to stop by and see you sometime. We can talk about the Houston Boy and Cousin Dave. ;)

S*#t and sawdust will run deep. Wear boots! 

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Here a couple pics of curly cherry lumber. Look at the outside of the boards in the first pic, thats what a curly tree will look like.

I want to show you what I got from Houston today. Talk about a box maker check this out.

Put a few more sticks of lumber up on the rails.

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On 2/7/2020 at 4:46 PM, treeslayer said:

Cherry is $4.07 BF and the Walnut is $6.10 BF you can add about 2 bucks a foot to each for long but I think that starts at 12 foot and longer, still good prices I think, I’ve posted pictures here before of the supply he has, claims to have a million BF total in two buildings

Damn, walnut is$8.00/BF for the lousy stuff and $10/bf for anything decent in Minneapolis.

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28 minutes ago, Coop said:

I just started getting quotes to add a bathroom and patio to my house. I was planning on coming to the mountain on my knees, asking for finance. Maybe I shouldn’t head in that direction? ;)

You better go see my cousin in Eastern Iowa. He has the money in a rathole, but good luck on getting any of his money. :ph34r:

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After you pass 50 years old. You are like a old truck you have a lot of wear and tear. You need to go to the shop for repairs 2 to 3 times a month. I have been out in the sun all my life,  all day long and have sun damage skin that’s turning into skin cancer.( But it’s the good skin cancer)  The doctor wants me to wear long sleeve’s and a Huge Houston Hat now.

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It’s been a strange weather year. I plant twice a year and the last was Labor Day and I’m still getting one or two a day from that planting. It’s gonna be hard to pull those up in a week and plant more. There’s still a 1 pound or better that’s still green. May have to have fried green tomatoes Friday morn for breakfast. 

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