Tennessee Curly Cherry

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Spanky,  (Would use your real name if I knew it)    If you buy the machines this guy has for sale, you could sell slabs that are flat, straight, thicknessed, and smooth for probably at least double of whatever your price is:


Also, did you see my post about a quarter sawn board I've been looking for, but haven't been able to find?


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Here a couple pics of curly cherry lumber. Look at the outside of the boards in the first pic, thats what a curly tree will look like.

I want to show you what I got from Houston today. Talk about a box maker check this out.

Put a few more sticks of lumber up on the rails.

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In regards to mulberry, I've milled a few but nothing that looks like that. If I can find mulberry that looks like that I'll start milling it more. Around here it's hard to find a straight mulberry, and they have a lot of branches.

I cut a lot of them for firewood, a few I milled I used for garden beds, they are very decay resistant.


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9 hours ago, Spanky said:

Bmac, Looking at that pic, I would say that the lumber, was aged in the log, around a year are so. Look at the sap on the board. It will make the lumber, have more color aged in the log.

Got it, so the increase in color is from that. Mulberry is a great log to let sit since it is so decay resistant.

I completely agree about junk logs, milled a number of cherry logs with no sapwood, like you said they can be beautiful.

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4 minutes ago, Spanky said:

If you leave red oak, white oak logs on the ground for a year or so. All you get are wormholes in oak. It don’t add anymore color to oak.

I would assume maple and hickory would be the same as oak, or not as bad in regards to insect damage?

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Maple logs will have more color and just a few wormholes on the outside of the log. ( Not bad )  That’s what the red maple logs had. I would think hickory would have wormholes pretty bad, don’t know for sure on hickory. Walnut gets more color and a few wormholes. 

A guy came Saturday and got all the aged (3 years) walnut lumber that I had. He said, that was the prettiest walnut lumber he had seen. One guy likes it, one guy don’t.

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13 minutes ago, Spanky said:

Bmac, you have a pic of the mulberry lumber you have cut?

I can take a few after church, it's pretty weathered since I used it outside. I believe I have a few short pieces in my stack, I'll find those.

Question about sassafras, how big are the logs you are milling, doesn't get very big here.

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Bmac, I cut a tract of timber last fall that had 10,000 ft. or so of sassafras trees on that tract. They was some sassafras trees that was 20” to 28” DBH. Thats the tract the sassafras sap burl came from. Also, the same tract that the curly cherry came from to. Five cherry trees on a hill side, two trees was curly.

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2 hours ago, Spanky said:

Bmac, a couple of pics of some 8/4 sassafras lumber in the kiln now. I dont cut peckerpole tracts of timber or do I saw peckerpole logs. In trees I like them BIG!!!




Can't say I've come across sassafras that big, but I'm not doing it for a living. Sometimes I settle for peckerpole logs, but of course it's just me I'm doing it for and using a chainsaw means peckerpole logs are easier on me.

Lust curious, how much of a market for your sassafras?

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