Auriou tools closing?


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Hey all,

I got an email saying that Auriou tools was struggling financially, and they are looking to crowdfunding to help fix old machines and train new employees. I have heard great things about their rasps in particular, and I know Marc likes them. Do you all have any info on this? I am just putting this out there for y’all because it seems legit, and I would hate to see a quality company go under. Here is a link to the funding page....a lot of it is in French, but there are English bits as well. I apologize if this doesn’t adhere to forum posting rules.

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2 hours ago, Chet said:

Thats rough.

The good news to this bad news is that they make top notch stuff so if you own any it will last you a life time and won't need to be replaced.

But still not good news.

I was thinking the same thing. I have a nice assortment but might try and pic up a few rifflers i've wanted just in case.

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I looked on Highland Woodworking's site and they appear to be sold out or on back order.  Then I thought about how often I use a rasp. If I tackled a maloof chair or something similarly sculptural I would get one in a heartbeat. I hope they manage to stay afloat. Attracting new staff and training them could be an issue on top of financing. 

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Yeah...they are still for sale, I just don’t know how long. Knowing how woodworkers get about rarity, I thought I would let the fam know here. If you ever wanted one, might wanna grab one. I also didn’t know if Marc had any capability of helping out if this was his kind of thing.

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8 hours ago, Coyote Jim said:

Was that a pun? If so, I am going to file that away as a little abrasive. But I suppose you could use puns to take the edge off.

Sorry everyone but as a dad it is in my blood to make dad jokes. I can't help it.

Dads gotta do what dads gotta do. We have an image to maintain.

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