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Jonathan McCully

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Recently received $500 that was set aside in a savings bond for me by my great grandparents who I was very close to before their passing.  I want to use this money in way that will allow me to continue to remember them every time I use the tool and was thinking about an heirloom quality hand tool, like a Lie Nielsen that I could eventually pass down to my children as well.  I already have a nice low-angle block plane and a Stanley #5, so was looking for any suggestions about hand tools that might be functional for me in the shop but also survive for multiple generations as a reminder of my great-grandparents.  Thanks.

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I like your thinking on this. Great way to honor your grandparents. 

I would have recommended the #60-½, but it sounds like you’ve already covered that. My second suggestion would be a Brian Biggs straight spokeshave. I love mine. Great feel and simple to set up and use. 

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If I were attempting an heirloom purchase I think that I would be looking real hard at the Lie-Nielsen Bronze body bench planes, the 1 thru 4.  I know this may duplicate something you already have in you kit but these are sure nice looking and they have to be fun to use. 

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Share on other sites   Plus both screwdrivers, and an extra frog at 55 degrees.    That will be about your budget.   You can build a nice box for it all later.

Have it engraved.

If you're going to do much, at all, with planes, you'll need a no. 4.

If you don't know what one is capable of, send the iron (with cap iron) to me, and I'll send it back to you ready to take transparent shavings with, and properly cambered for a smoothing plane.  Don't worry, it's not much trouble for me to do that.

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Tom beat me to it. A bronze LN #4 was the first thing i thought of as well.

You should like your started down the hand too route and i wouldn't trade my #4 for an unlimited supply of every grit of sandpaper.

If you do go that route if you are close to any of these they offer free shipping i think on anything purchased at the event.

Also if you are a Woodwhisperer guild member you can get a 10% discount.

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