New idea for locking a flip top tool stand


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There seem to be two versions of these flip top stands that are most common online. One uses some eye bolts and star knobs and the other uses barrel locks.

Like so:




I had an idea on how to do it a different way that I thought was decent so I'd thought I'd share.

Use 4 hinges at each corner with a small block attached that will support the top and prevent it from spinning when all 4 are "closed". I just did this today so no idea if it will hold up but so far it seems fine.

A short movie is the best way to explain






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That is definitely a neat idea. Unless your pivot bar is threaded on each end with nuts on the outside of the cabinet, be sure and watch for your cabinet sides to spread, which wouldn’t be good. Mine does not have nuts and the star knobs help keep the sides snug to the rotating platform. 

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Paul Jenkins made a flip top cart youtube video a while back with hinge blocks to lock the top. Slightly different execution though- he used standard hinges, then added a magnet so the blocks would stay in place. 

 Definitely a neat idea. 

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I'm right up north of you in Ventura County. Glad you're not north of me in....... fire.


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So much for that. Now we've got a fire just a few miles away. 4000 acres burned in about 8 hours.

I am in the bay area not really close to any of the fires, although we were supposed to be spending this week in Yosemite.  The smoke and ash drifting down from the Mendocino fire (288,000 acre) and the Carr Fire (100,000 acres) has us in a in a constant state of overcast, it filters the sun so much that you feel like it is sunrise or sunset all day.

Welcome to the forums Charles and sorry for the hijack

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