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Last Saturday was a woodworkers dream, my grandpa passed down his woodworking tools to me because he no longer found a use for them aside from retro furniture. All Rockwell Delta tools, borderline industrial but I cant use them in my shop because oh the size of the machines, I will make an exception for this Powermatic 100-12 but there were 3 problems.... 1. it was too heavy to move around my small shop, which I fixed by welding a heavy duty stand. 2. the motor was 40+ years old and needs alot of work which I am currently working on, and 3. it hasn't been ran since the 90's and I am paranoid about breaking this amazing tool. So I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to bring this to its formal glory.

IMG_20180813_213045584 (1).jpg

IMG_20180813_213048898 (2).jpg


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I suppose if you're mechanically inclined,  you could go through and give it a good cleaning and perform grease pints fills and make sure everything is aligned.  Without running it, no real idea what it needs that is outside of it's former glory. 

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