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Does anyone have any experience with repairing MDF boards?  We recently just moved into our new house and when moving all of the furniture into the house from the storage unit, I noticed that the movers broke my 4 year old’s Lightening McQueen bed side. The pretty much snapped it in half. I know that he will need a new bed at some point, but I can’t really afford a new one right now and he really likes his bed. I’m just trying to figure out if there is a way to glue MDF pieces back together in a way to make it structurally safe for him to sleep in. I was thinking that I could use wood glue and some screws and that should work. Another thought was to buy some plywood and rebuild the broken side, but the. The paint and design probably won’t match. I’ll post a pic of the piece that has been broken off. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


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If all the pieces will fit back together I would back it up with a sheet of plywood and screws from the inside. You probably could get the red color matched to paint the plywood and touch up the cracks. If the thickness of the plywood has to be limited then use Baltic Birch. It is the strongest ply for its thickness. Maybe remove the cleat that the bed rests on and run the plywood all the way down then if it's unbroken reinstall or replace the cleat.  I would think 3/8 Baltic should be strong enough to support a kid or 2 if you keep the adults out.

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