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3 minutes ago, Chestnut said:

This is a cool box. I suppose it's not meant for traveling?

Thanks!  It's meant more for display than travel.  The "lid" and top tray can slide horizontally right out the end, so it won't take kindly to a lot of rough handling.  But I figure it gets 8 or 12 hours of use per year, so I might as well focus on how it's going to look the rest of the time rather than when I'm hauling it around.

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22 minutes ago, Coyote Jim said:

So incredible. I am very impressed.

How did you do the coves that the chips rest in? Long forstner bit.

I hope you are proud of it because you should be.

Thanks, Jim.

For the trays, I first cut off the front and back, then clamped the two trays together and bored through the middle of them with a long forstener bit.  I couldn't get a bit long enough, so I actually bored about 2.5" down, ripped the trays on the table saw, then bored the remaining 2 inches and then glued them back together.    The front and back were clamped and bored with a smaller bit before glueing then back onto the trays.

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