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Kurt Triebe

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42 minutes ago, JohnG said:

Looking forward to watching this come together!

I also recently had good luck in having a piece of "scrap" fill a need with almost no waste. It was a very satisfying feeling, and now I can see how some people's "scrap" piles get so huge.

Heh... yeah, I need to make sure I don't let this one stroke of supreme good luck go to my head. Or, I need to come up with a really good way of organizing/storing offcuts. So far, I have one garbage can that has collected semi-random skinnier cuts, and another bin which has collected fairly large pieces- 6" to 12" wide, at never less than 12" long- I'll easily find uses for those sorts of things. My trick will be making sure that I dump things that are like 1-2" wide and under 12" long... the sort of thing that a pen turner would look at and go "OH I COULD TOTALLY GET 2 PENS OUT OF THAT AT SOME POINT 7 YEARS FROM NOW"- that's what will kill me. As long as I can restrict my hoarding to pieces that, say, could at least become a drawer front- I should be OK.

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38 minutes ago, Brendon_t said:

Yeah, that and we are hoarders!!


I'm looking forward to this also. Didn't even know Anne did a guest build

Yeah, it was a quick build- he flew out to her shop earlier this spring (March, maybe?) and spent a week there filming her. He did the same with Darrell Peart either the week before or the week after- Darrell is also in Seattle, so it let him knock two builds out with one flight/trip. All of the videos in the series were released over the course of 2 weeks- "Netflix style"- rather than the usual one per week schedule that happens with most of the builds... it was really fun to binge 5-6 videos at once. He's trying to start bringing in more guest instructors- some, like Johnny Brooke that can totally run their own builds (those that have high-level video/audio chops and can put together Wood Whisperer quality content on their own) and some like Darrell Peart, Jory Brigham, and Ashley Harwood- that are phenomenal builders/teachers, but don't (yet?) have the production skills to put together the super high quality, very polished videos. I'm most excited about the second kind of guest instructor- as it potentially brings new faces into the modern era of online woodworking content. Johnny's build was great- I learned a lot from it, especially as it mixed in some metalworking stuff that is super interesting to me, but that I know ZERO about. I've been watching Johnny put together great builds for a few years now, though, and I'll continue to do so with or without the Guild... but bringing in people like Darrell and Jory and Ashley- folks with decades of experience as working professionals with incredible portfolios, but who have little to no experience when it comes to HQ video content? That's gold, Jerry, GOLD! The downside to the second type of instructor is that it's tougher on Marc- it requires him to fly and be away from home/family for a week or two at a time- which is tough when you've got little kids.

Darrell's build is supposed to start being released in the next few weeks- I can't WAIT to see those videos. Darrell's a true master in that style, and I'm sure the video series is going to be packed full of the little tips & tricks that he's figured out after working in that style for a few decades- things that hopefully make his take on the G&G style- with the cloud lifts, the plugs, the elaborate shaped drawer fronts- achievable for intermediate woodworkers.

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This looks like it's going to be a fun build. I agree i like that Marc is starting to bring in more people. If i remember right he doesn't fly to the places he drives. Hauling all the equipment he needs i think it is a bit taxing to try and do airline travel, not to mention the risk of something getting lost. The camera gear is peanuts compared to content ect that could get lost.

For scraps i just make cutting boards ect from them and give them away as wedding gifts thank you gifts or just "here i had some scrap wood i wanted to get rid of" gifts.

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Final milling, and glued up the top. I’m a Dowelmax guy, love these easy panel glue ups. Stress free and perfect results. This was my first time using that little Woodpeckers mini-scraper, and it worked awesome. I scraped the squeeze out about an hour after the glue up, and the surface afterward is perfect- no glue to fix, no flattening necessary at all, etc. I’m ready to trim the edges to final dimension and get right to finish sanding, essentially. 





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9 hours ago, Chestnut said:

I love those menards clamps so good so CHEAP! Don't see them on this forum very often.

Oh yeah that walnut looks ok too :P jealous.

Yep, they’re great. Nice and strong, and a really deep jaw- they can reach a bunch of places that no other clamps of mine can. I need to get a handful more.

This walnut all came from a big purchase I made last year off CL... local stair builder mills their own wood on a huge old circular sawmill, they sell their excess supply... it was almost 200bf, and for an absurdly low price. By the time I’m through with the pile, it will have built a big walnut feature wall in my family room, a kitchen table, this desk, two fireplace mantels, Marc’s executive desk (the top, anyway), and Cremona’s sideboard (top plus some rails, I think). All of the big table/desk tops (outside of this writing desk) will be bookmatched pieces- I haven’t even gotten into that section of the pile, those are the best boards. I just wish these guys sawed up more stuff, it has been INCREDIBLE to work with... and I didn’t go broke buying it!

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Cut the curves into the aprons... man this was fun! Never used a spokeshave before, this thing is a treat. Drawing bow to create that arch, bandsaw ‘em both at the same time, fix the mistakes on the spindle sander, then clean up the edges with the spokeshave. Then an upside-down dry fit. Everything is reaaaaaaally fitting nicely at this point. 














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12 minutes ago, K Cooper said:

Nah, you didn’t get that curl off of that plane B)

Crazy, huh? Got a continuous full width shaving for nearly the entire 42” span of that arch. One of the arches was cooperative like that... the other one, with the big knots... decidedly less so. I had to do a bunch of much shorter strokes on that one, but it came out well enough. That’s the rear arch, will hardly ever be seen/felt. The cooperative one gets to live in the front of the desk, LOL.

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