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Now that i have a pickup again i punched in a search for lumber and found this.

For some reason the post seems a bit sketchy is this a fair price for random cherry? I don't really want to buy 1500 BF but i could and i'd be set for a LONG time.

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My local lumberyard sells FAS 4/4 S3S SLR in the $4-$5/bf range.

Some random CL posts in my area (Virginia)-

  • Cherry 4/4 $5, 5/4 $5.5, 8/4 $6
  • 4/4-8/4 random sizes.  $4.25 - $6.50 per bdft depending on the grade and size of a piece.
  • 4/4 Cherry random sizes, 75bf, $150 total ($2/bf)

The first post was the most 'legit' of the three, and the other two were pretty similar to your link.

Sounds like a good price if it's decent quality. Probably worth checking out if it's not too far from you. Might be willing to sell you a small batch, then you could inspect and mill a couple boards to get a better look at it, then decide whether to buy more. Just a thought.

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I emailed the guy and offered to buy 500 BF. If it's nice lumber I might stick my neck out and grab the whole lot.

5 minutes ago, RichardA said:

At $2 bf it seems to me that it would be hard to pass up.  The only problem I see is storage.

I have this nice 16x12 shed that i just finished building. And the primary wood i use is cherry.

Just now, mat60 said:

I guess it wouldn't hurt to bring your moisture meter and take a look at it.    How big is your new shed again. ;)

Good idea i wouldn't have thought about that.

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Seems that these usually don't last long at all. Hell, lumber in log form around here halfway break the bank so when you find good lumber on CL at a really good price, either commit and buy it or chances are, it'll be gone.

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