Sell SawStop 1.75 saw in Germantown, md

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I bought the saw in 2012 or 13, when I first started getting into woodwork. Turns out, it’s not really my thing. 


It’s the 1.75HP cabinet saw, with 68” long total table. It has a little surface corrosion on the both wing tops.


It has the SawStop mobile base making it easy to roll around in limited shop space. 


It has both the normal and dado safety cartridges. 


We can power it on and do a couple of test cuts. 


Item Description/Model #: PCS175


Price: $2000


Does the price include shipping? No, you must come to pick it up, the saw top will need to be removed and you’ll need to be able to get this up a short hill. 


You will need at least 1-2 strong helpers and/or a winch of some kind. I will only help if you have a winch or other mechanical assistance. 


The saw is in my walkout basement shop space. It will not fit through the interior of the house. 


Accepted Payment Methods: cash only


Pickup Location: Germantown, MD


i have a bunch of other stuff like clamps and a few LN hand planes that I’ll list as soon as I get around to getting inventory. I’ll be very generous with most of the rest if you’re buying the saw. :)




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