Flush kerf cut...any ideas

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Hung a new door in an old frame this weekend that originally didn't have weatherstripping.   I thought I would just pop off the stops, cut them back 1/2", run them through the table saw to create the needed 1/8" x 3/8" deep kerf cut....but then realized the stops and jamb are the same piece of wood !.  


Any ideas on the best way to cut a flush 1/8" kerf along the stop that's 3/8 deep.  I was thinking to use my multi-tool, using flush cut bit make a groove and then use a grout attachment to widen to 1/8"?   Anyone have better ideas???  Thanks !




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I had to do this for some friends I used a a multi tool Like this Makita   https://www.homedepot.com/p/Makita-3-Amp-Corded-Variable-Speed-Oscillating-Multi-Tool-Kit-With-Blade-Sanding-Pad-Sandpaper-Adopter-Hard-Case-TM3010CX1/204706951?keyword=makita+multi+tool+corded&semanticToken=212t00000+++>++++st%3A{makita+multi+tool+corded}%3Ast++cnn%3A{2%3A1}++cnt%3A{7%3A0}+cnr%3A{8%3A1}+cnb%3A{9%3A1}++makita+{brand}+multi+tool+{product}+corded+{rest}++dln%3A{562862}+qu%3A{multi+tool+corded}+oos%3A{0%3A1} I used the jamb for a  guide on  the first pass, as the kerf wasn't 1/8" I made a shim that I could put between the jamb and the tool to widen the kerf. You have to put a finger against the flat of the blade so it doesn't wander  my Makita is variable speed I set that to fairly slow and used painters tape to visually see how deep your plunging this method worked well for me the new weather stripping fit snugly. 

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A combo of router bit and multi tool would be my approach. It should be easy to tack a wood strip on as a guide then fill the holes & repaint before adding the weatherstripping. Don't leave bare wood anywhere on an exterior door. Make sure the top and bottom of the door is sealed or painted as well as your cut surface. 

Check along the planned cut with a strong magnet to locate any nails before cutting.  Some nails might be set deeper than the blade will cut. 

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