Wedding Goblet with His/Her Captive Rings

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3 hours ago, Mark J said:

Nice work!  I'm jealous.  

Not sure what you mean by tread marks?  I don't really see anything.

Not so much tread marks, but grooves, and some flattening...Happens if you undercut too soon.   

Like all things turning...not a mistake...a design modification  :)


5 hours ago, RichardA said:

That's neat.  Where you been hiding Vinny?

Busy as hell between work and 3 boys under 4 years old.  

Also, getting really into astronomy and you know...another hobby with a huge financial investment.  Splitting my free time between the shop and the telescope  

Turning a lot in the meantime just to be able to start AND complete a lot of small projects. Plus, once the lathe makes a total mess it’s easier to turn something else than to sweep!

Ready to get back to working in the flat. 

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‘Undercut’ from both sides with a curved cutter while the blank is still thick.   Pop...there’s the ring. 

Thats the easy part.  The real pain is taping it out of the way to finish and sanding the inside.  Applying finish to the rings really sucks too.

Here’s a clip of the rings on the lathe. 



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