Bunk Bed Build

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I thought I took a picture of the route I ended up taking on the head/foot boards, but apparently I didn't.  

I ended up doing two at a time and just screwed into the bottom of the posts through a sheet of plywood, and set that on the saw horses.  Worked great until I got heavy handed with the spray on the big head board and ended up with some sags to sand off and redo. 

I still ended up getting the bed done and in place the day after Christmas.  Along with Santa bringing the girls their new bedding they were pretty happy with the new set up.  

Now onto building the bookcase and desk sides, some rails and a ladder so I can bunk them!




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Completed the installation of the bunk beds over the weekend!  I think they turned out pretty good.  Very solid, as expected.  There are a few flaws, but nothing that others have noticed.  Well I take that back my wife actually pointed out to me that the posts on the bottom bunk headboard you can see that it is a glue up, since one board was light and one darker on both posts, so I should have put the 2 darker ones together etc. I think the kids like it, and hopefully it lasts until their kids can use them someday.






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I love it. I bet the kids do too. Perhaps a little something for the upper bunk. A small shelf attached to the wall?

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And with the scraps from the bunk beds comes my first end grain cutting board!  Just took the cutoff from the panels, trimmed to size and glued up.




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