Any body know of a respectable piece work opportunity?

Tim W

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I am wondering if someone has ever found a good piece work opportunity to make some extra cash?  I need to make about 200 a month extra and because of physical limitations I don't see getting a part time job and I was hoping to make use of my small shop to fill the gap for a few months.  

I'm just wondering if anybody has some experience with stuff like this, or resources that can point me in the right direction.


Thank you,


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Tim, I wish you luck. There has been exactly ONE thread that I can recall, where someone was asking for folks to do piece work. 

I'm sure there are jibs out there, but you'll have to work at it to root them out.

Maybe a post that outlines what sort of things your shop and skills can provide would lure a lurker into contacting you.

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On 11/13/2018 at 2:39 PM, wdwerker said:

I build shelves for a companies display department. I used to make plaques for them as well. That work got underbid by a company with automatic equipment. There is lots of hand work in the shelves. So look for something that's somehow not suitable for automated CNC type equipment.

Steve, do you have any interest getting into CNC routing? Would it help for the main work you do?

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Thats a tough question . Its been asked alot here.

Woodworking is very competitive and everyone thinks they can just build stuff and people will buy it and theyll make lots of money  working out of their garage.

First and formost know what you want to build and sell and price accordingly.

Next is to get out and network. Get some business cards made up and carry some with you to hand out when ya chat with people you run into. Have photos of your available for people to look at when ya talk to them (I have mine on my iPhone ). Set your price and stick to it. Your time and skills are worth it, dont cut yourself short, not to mention tool investment.

Im starting out myself, I retired a little over a year ago. Now Im trying to keep myself busy and make a few bucks on the side. 

I just read a book by Chip and Joanna Gains (Fixer Upper). Very inspirational called the Magnolia story.

I highly recommend it.

Bottom line is it isnt easy, it takes hard work ,faith, family and friends.

This book and their honest life story along with some other things gave me some ideas along with inspiration.

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If this were my goal, I'd cruise around Etsy a bit. Get a sense of the prices and what is being sold. We don't know about your skill level, but I'd pick something that you feel you can do of comparable quality and prices to what is being sold and get a few pieces up on a site. Once they are up, see how they sell.

Picking things that can be quickly produced, once you are set up, but which are not necessarily simple or easy, would be a good place to start. 

Personally, I'd generally rather sell 2 or 3, $100 items a month than 25 $10 items.

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