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8 hours ago, K Cooper said:

Yes sir, indirectly. Would like to go back to a post that I can search jewelry boxes without going through everyone’s builds, only those that I choose to remember 

When you use the 'search' box, you can tell it to search within the current forum, or in the current Topic (thread) if you can find the thread, you can search within it. does that help?

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I use Evernote for saving things like that. They have apps for all platforms and you have the option of saving a page, a post or a clip, etc. I have almost 2000 woodworking related "notes" I've saved over the years. Notes are completely searchable, you can tag topics, mark them up, etc. One feature I use a lot is photographing a handwritten note and uploading it to Evernote. The program then scans the note (OCR) and reads the handwriting, making it searchable, assuming you're not in the medical profession.


I skipped over conventional 8 track and went straight from vinyl to quadrophonic 8 track. I believe I amassed about 4 tapes. They sounded awesome in my 1947 Wyllis CJ2A! Great acoustics. 

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+1 for @Mick S recommendation. 

The search function in Evernote is very good. You can “tag” notes with different keywords to make it easier to find exactly what you are looking for. 

If you have the Evernote app on a smartphone or tablet, you can take pictures and save them directly into a note. If I see a piece of furniture I like the design of, I’ll take several pictures of it and save it to Evernote. I’ll also take pictures of articles in FWW. 

They may have improved it, but as of a couple years ago the handwriting OCR that Mick mentioned was far better on Mac than on Windows (confirmed by Evernote techs). 


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7 hours ago, Pondhockey said:

but eventually the material being bookmarked will vanish or be moved.

The URL changes to the threads? I thought those stayed static? I just copy the URL and put it in the location for a shortcut. Create a shortcut by right clicking and go to new and shortcut. Then i'd just organize them in folders on a flash drive. This way any browser changes or updates won't wipe out the shortcuts.


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I doubt the URL will change, but the thread could be deleted.

The main benefit to using Evernote, OneNote, or similar is the search function. If you are only saving a few threads, it's easy to find what you are looking for. But if you end up with dozens or hundreds of WTO threads, blog posts, and other articles/pages, it can become necessary to be able to search for certain terms to quickly find what you are looking for. The downside to using those is that if more info is added to the thread, you have to manually add or remake your saved note to include the new replies. Just depends on how much/what type of info you are saving and how you are using it.

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