Delta 28-203 Bandsaw

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Hello all, 

i have a Delta 28-203 14” Bandsaw and I’m trying to change out the guide blocks, however I am having a hell of a time getting to the hex screw on the bottom left guide block. I have had this issue for forever, but I just left the block where it was and hoped for the best.

But I really want to make this setup right, but no matter what I do, I can’t seem to find an Allen wrench that will fit under there so that I can loosen or tighten the screw. 

I know that this has to be an issue for others, or is it just me?

thanks for any direction or guidance. 



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I thought about that, but oils have to remove the blade, which I’m trying to adjust the guide blocks to the blade. Plus, I have a shop built table attached to the stock table and it is much larger than the stock table. But it is not in the way of the screws, only the stock table. 

I suppose I could reinstall the blade after the table removal, adjust the guide blocks, then remove blade, reattach table, and reinstall blade. Sounds like a lot of work for one screw. 

Does anyone make an Allen wrench that would fit in there specific for that saw?

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