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So i always see subs ported and I've built boxes both sealed and ported. Can someone convince me why ported is better? I've always prefered the sound from sealed boxes. Though i don't watch moves and mostly listen to rock/metal music with some EDM.

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Generality, but ported will give you more dB for a given driver at a given level of power. Ported boxes are bigger & more complex to build though. For ULF, it seems that it's easier to get a lower tune with ported.

Problem with speaker building is that it gets addictive. I built my 4 Atmos speakers & they are every bit as good as the surrounds I paid 4x as much for. Now I'm itching to build a couple of 18" mid bass subs cause, you know, more is better.

I added the big sub primarily for the movies, but now that things are reasonably dialed in, I'm very pleasantly surprised at the subtle yet definite difference it makes with music. 

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