Best Oneway chuck for a beginner?

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Hi guys,

I'm planning on taking my dad's old Rockwell/Beaver 3400 lathe in the next few months. It's a 36" lathe, with 11" swing over the bed, so not all that large.

I'm thinking I want to ask for a chuck for Christmas. Looking at the available options, the Oneway chucks look nice, and I can get the adapter for this lathe easily as part of the kit from Lee Valley (it's 7/8" x 14 TPI). My real question is whether I should go for the basic chuck (A), or the talon chuck (B). I don't really know why I'd want one over the other, but I figured someone here might.

Here's the link to them:,330,69091&ap=1



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A benefit to the Talon Chuck is that you can tighten/loosen the chuck with one hand while you hold the piece in place with the other. It uses a chuck key and operates in a similar manner to a drill chuck. 

The basic chuck requires that you use two rods, which generally takes two hands to operate.

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I have the Talon but if I were buying now I would look at the Nova Infinity quick change chuck.  Having to take four or eight screws out to change jaws is a real PITA.  People end up buying multiple chucks just to not have to change the jaws.

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I have an Infinity chuck I just bought, its a bit pricey new but I got it secondhand unused from a local turner. One thng I notice the jaws are a lot beefier, really easy to change out. I read there adaptors for regular jaws too, dont know the quality of that combo though. What I can tell its a Supernova chuck with quick change jaws on it, was disappointed it was threaded for direct mount on my DVR bt still good with an insert adaptor.

Definitely voting against the chuck with the tommy bars!

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