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2 hours ago, Wimayo said:

Where does one find homosote these days? I haven't see it for sale anywhere for many years.

Oh. I see that the OP is in Canada. I'm assuming it is available there. Don't think so in the US.

I bought it at my local lumberyard/hardwood dealer. Its normally sold in 4x8 sheets, but they had a 1/4 sheet off cut that I bought for like 4 bucks CDN (insert USD vs CDND joke here).

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We milled homosote to random width style vertical “boards” for bedroom and hall walls in a prominent pharmaceutical family home. We also used it as “panels” in a common room coffered ceiling. Those were crazy quiet rooms. They ended up painting the homosote to look like painted wood, but it retained that soft lessening of sound reflection. That job was messy, but seriously impressed me. 

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Many model railroaders use homosote as an underlayment on their layouts because of its sound deadening qualities.  Many of them are not woodworkers and don't put much thought into how they cut it.  From what I gather (haven't done it *yet myself) the most common tool ends up being a jigsaw with a straight edge or a utility knife.

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