Sortimo style boxes

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7 hours ago, RileyD said:

thanks for the link call me crazy but I could never bring myself to buy those bins because of the wasted space the handle wastes haha. but I might be able to just use the little bins in my own system as they appear a lot cheaper to buy that way than the sortimo (bin only) linked above 

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These lee valley ones look nicer than the sortimo because you have the option of a thin case and a deep case,43326&p=70869

they sell the bins separate which is what I was originally looking for,43326,68736

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6 hours ago, Bankstick said:

I have bought HF storage bins, this is what I use for fishing tackle.

I use Plano boxes like that but was thinking having the removable boxes would make it nicer to just pull that out of the drawer rather than having the open tackle box on my workbench the entire project 

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2 hours ago, Bankstick said:

rodger, where did you get plans for that? Outstanding idea!

Try the link. I have their 15 compartment unit for pen bushings.

No plans, just a youtube video i watched a while back from Marius Hornberger on YouTube. If you look at the description, he may give more information. You could also send him a message, but if i recall, the build is pretty well covered in the video itself.

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Bought the Lee valley ones to test, all 3 sizes. They’re all super big compared to my plano ones and I wish the boxes went smaller to a 1x2 not just 2x2

Was curious if the boxes fit plano

so the short ones the heigh is nearly perfect and fit in the wider slots 9710DEB2-66A2-40A9-B082-896C77231D75.thumb.jpeg.0bb4fad0b37d8c52467c68fa1c67ac83.jpeg


for the taller boxes with the biggwr Plano the boxes are a bit to short and don’t fit in the narrow parts 


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update on these lee valley ones I've been using 

quality Isi great really heavy duty but I just dont trust the latch system, when you try to ovoerload them it can be hard to latch closed and they want to pop up.. 

going to move away from these I think and try the worse quality harbor freight ones but what seems like a softer latch


I'm also thinking about switching from trays to arko bins with little cup dividers in them. can still pull them out and put on the bench and takes up a narrower foot print. only downfall is you cant put them in a tool bag and take them elsewhere as easy as tackle box style 

I've got another thread on those bins going: 








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