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I have a 21 mm dowel and a 20 mm forstner bit.

Does anyone have a good tip on how to make the dowel to fit the hole without sanding the dowel down to fit the hole?

Im thinking of some sort of router bit jig, but before i go down that route i thought i would ask here to see if there is any better advice.





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1 hour ago, K Cooper said:

It sounds like he hasn’t drilled a hole yet and doesn’t have a bit large enough for the dowel? I agree with Frank, spin the dowel while sanding it. Or treat the dowel like a shoe, put it in a vise and use your sandpaper strip like a buffing cloth, if your old enough to remember those :)

Oh shoot i miss read the post. That's what i get for reading the forum on the couch while watching tv. Nerve mind my other post.

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Sanding down the 21mm dowel or getting a smaller dowel is probably the easiest. If you don't want to do that, use an adjustable circle cutter to cut your holes or purchase a 21mm forstner bit. You could also use a drum sander in your drill press to enlarge the hole.

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Theres dowel cutting jigs to be had for making your own. That would give you much more control over the fit and quality of your pieces. Another way is to mount it up on a lathe and turn your dowel to size,, but that takes a little practice to get a good uniform dowel. That sanding idea is good if you have a big enough drill chuck. A little jury rigging can turn a drill press into an impromtu lathe to spin the dowel for sanding, might take a little thought to get it right.

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