Roughing gouge?

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So I had a nice little Christmas vacation.  My wife got me a new bandsaw, I got her some new diamonds...  I spent a good bit of time watching turning videos on YouTube and I noticed that the majority of the turners were taking logs and starting with their 5/8 bowl gouges right out of the gate as opposed to roughing them to round with a roughing gouge first.  Am I the only one who finds this a little weird?   What's the point of a 1 or 2 inch roughing gouge if not to quickly bring rough blanks into shape? Does it just come down to personal preference?  Is there some advantage to staring with a bowl gouge that I'm not thinking of?

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NEVER, EVER use a roughing gouge on a bowl. The tang isn't meant to take the stresses from the heavy cuts in roughing out a bowl, and can bend, or break. Plus, a roughing gouge is square across, so keeping the corners of the gouge away from the turning wood is more difficult than with a bowl gouge ground back.

A 5/8" bowl gouge a far better choice for roughing out bowl. Just look at the difference in the thickness of metal between the roughing gouge and bowl gouge.

Please be safe, and use the right tool in the right application.

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