Greetings from Tucson, AZ and outdoor woodworking

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My name is Brian and I'm on an extended sabbatical trying to figure out the next phase of life.  I started out as a home renovation DIY'er and am progressing to furniture building.  I've taken a few formal cabinet and furniture making classes from the local community college.  AS for my shop, it's evolving and mostly mobile where I work "alfresco" under the carport.    

Instagram gives me too too much inspiration and want to make it all.  This year's project will be a dining room table.  My wife found a small piece of flame birch that somehow grew into a full 6'x4' table project.  I'm also building the new tool cabinet project from the Guild.  I also need to make a handle for a lump hammer head I got from Ebay.  And so on it goes.



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Welcome to the forums.  Dave's right, if you don't post pictures of your projects we have no reason to believe it happened. ;)

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