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Finally dusted off the lathe and got to work on some pecan slabs given to me by a fellow woodturner. The slabs were out in the weather for a good while and had splits everywhere but I was able to cut

Just sanded this one out and wiped it with poly

Black walnut bowl about 7” across from a chunk Ricky sent me. Sanded to 320 and Osmo wiped on and buffed. Still needs the backside done.

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Thanks! The last one is about the size of a large grapefruit. It was fun to turn the insides to make it more of a closed form piece. They are all sanded to 220 and wiped with several coats of wipe on poly. They have a satin soft feel to the surface.

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Those look great! I really like the wood selection you get your hands on. Man i really want to spend some time on my lathe .... so many pressing projects though. Maybe this winter i'll get some time. I want to try making a bowl or 10.

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I found a picture on the net and that does look heavier than my 1624.  I'm giving some thought to being jealous.  

Highland Woodworking carries the Outrigger for the Record Power Harold.  It's basically a long dog leg for the banjo.  I wish I could see it in person somewhere, looks like it would fit and might be of some use.  Have you ever looked at it?

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Nope, never looked at it. Basically anything you mount the tool rest to that has a fair amount of extension to it is going to have some flex unless you find some way of bracing it to another solid point. The dogleg sound like a great way to get extra positioning capacity, yet that introduces more room for flexing of the support which hopefully is very minor on that rig. The way the Nova outrigger is built while being pretty solid on its own when used on anything big enough to warrant it gets some pretty good torque on it from the tool cutting on a large diameter piece. Looks good on paper but needs more.

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Seems to be pretty strong. If your cookies are without pith they should dry with minimal to no cracks and not too much warp. Its the pith and nearby circular grain thats the killer. Remember turning end grain you direct you gouge in the opposite direction you would with side grain forms to get the clean cuts.

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