Powermatic PM2000, 3hp 220v 1ph, 30" rails (Seattle area)

Robert Morse

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Selling my Powermatic PM2000, 3hp, single phase 230v, with 30” rails. Detailed list of accessories included is below (inserts, Incra miter sled, blade).  Looking for $2500, cash or paypal.  This saw is a little over 4 years old, I’m the only owner, and I’m selling it because my wife got me a SawStop.


Functions great, some discoloration of cast iron and on the exposed metal on the rails, but nothing that impacts functionality.  This is a heavy, full size cabinet saw, and it runs amazingly well – very smooth and powerful.  Full disclosure: I had a factory service tech come out immediately after purchase to fix one of the retractable casters which was wonky.  These work fine now.  No other issues. 



  • Saw with factory accessories:

    • 30” fence rails set with Accu-fence

    • 3hp, single phase 220v

    • Saw is equipped with a built in, retractable mobile base. Very convenient.

    • Powermatic insert, riving knives (both standard and low profile), blade guard, 27mm blade wrench

    • Powermatic miter gauge

    • Instruction manuals

    • Freshly cleaned top, it has always been coated with CRC 3-36 or Boe-Shield, and Paste Wax.

  • Attached folding outfeed table (double layer MDF, with hardwood edging and black laminate on both sides). This helps the saw handle larger work pieces more easily while keeping the saw’s small footprint. It folds away for easy storage if necessary. Also easy to remove if you don’t want to use it, as it’s mounted on the rear rail. (approx. $100 in materials).  The laminate has some glue stains on it, and minor scratches from use, but is otherwise in great shape. 

  • Extra cast iron wing (Powermatic thought I needed another one due to some manufacturing discoloration on one that came with the saw. I never installed it. Still in box, never opened).

  • Incra Miter 5000 SE (~$350 new).  Used sparingly, includes t-track clamp and “drop board” to catch cutoffs and minimize tear out. 

  • 3x LeeCraft phenolic inserts (~$40 each new). 1 for standard blade, zero clearance. 1 for ¾” dado stack.  1 for ¼” dado stack.

  • 10” Forrest Woodworker II blade (~$120 new) – full kerf.  Still plenty sharp, but it fits the zero clearance insert above precisely, so I’m including it.  This blade is fantastic for both cross cuts and rips in hard and softwood.


All together it was somewhere north of $3600 new, before tax.  Looking for $2500, cash or paypal. Saw is available for inspection, testing and pickup in Woodinville. You can back up a pickup truck or van right to my shop to load. Plan to bring help and/or a liftgate, it’s heavy.











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Just now, pkinneb said:

Robert given Kev's recent PM2000 issues it might be a tough sell here :ph34r:

yeah, I saw that video - Kev had a terrible experience, but mine is a few years older (not the current PM2000B version), and hasn't had any issues, other than the caster thing I described, which was fixed. It's a solid saw, so hoping someone here is interested before dropping into the hell which is Craigslist. 

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In fairness to Robert, his machine is the older version and has some history with him.  Not sure where his was manufactured but, mine was in Taiwan.  Because of his history with this particular saw, this seems like a pretty good deal for somebody.


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