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I'm looking for some guidance from someone here who has built a Roubo with the BC Glide and Criss-Cross hardware for the leg vise.  I'm just laying out the mortise and holes for the the hardware, and it looks like my screw nut will interfere with the upper leg rail.  My bench will be 35" tall, and the chop is 29 1/2" tall.  If you use the directions for laying out the criss-cross mortise on the leg and the chop, BC recommends a minimum of 3/4" of an inch of wood below the chop mortise, which is 19 1/2" long.  If you then put your screw hole at the minimum 1 3/4" above the mortise, this brings the screw hole very close to the upper rail.  I have the criss-cross hardware now, but Lee Valley has my Glide on backorder right now, so I don't know the diameter of the screw nut flange, but based on my layout, it certainly looks like the rail will interfere.

I guess my questions are:

1) what is the diameter of the screw nut flange?

2) for those that have built this, how long was your chop?  I'm beginning to think my chop is too short.  I think this whole issue could simply be resolved by having a longer chop...

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1 hour ago, RichardA said:

I have never built one.  However there is in the site's search engine a bunch of Roubo builds.  Your answers might be found there before someone that has built one responds.

I've read pretty much every Roubo thread on here, but I don't remember this specific issue being discussed.

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  • 1 month later...

Any resolution to this?

I'll be doing the chop / leg layout this weekend , and want to avoid any issues.

My chop 'blank' is 9.5 x 35" right now , plan to keep it as long as possible , so i have the option of putting the vise screw as low as possible . 



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My bench is 34 1/2" tall, chop is 33 1/2" tall, the inset for nut is 2 3/4". There is an 1 3/4" between the mortise and the bottom of the screw on the chop but only about an 1" on the leg side as you can see in the photo's below.. I think you will be fine on yours I can see why Art was concerned becuase his shop was shorter at 29 1/2". The issue I would have in moving everything up to accommodate a shorter chop is that it reduces the usable real estate above the screw quite a bit.




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Yup, pretty much what was said above.  I ended up lengthening my chop so that I didn't lose too much capacity, and so as not to interfere with the side rails.  I don't know the exact length of my chop but it is only about 1" above the floor, so it's at least 34".

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Thx for the replies. 

routed out my mortises on both , and was able to test fit the criss cross. 

smooth as butter!

Didn't realize the vise wheel would be so low !  I guess that was my initial hang up. But after looking at finishes projects , I look like i'm doing everything right!


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