My spoon cracked after 1 use what did i do wrong?


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Hi i made my wife a spoon last week. After soaking in in mineral oil for 4 hours we let it sit for 3 days. She used it to sautee some mushrooms and she washed it the next day (by hand) it started to crack on the end, what gives? Not enough oil? Wrong wood choice? Its made of cherry. How should i finish my spoons so this does doesnt happen again?


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Not much experience in spoon carving but I'm looking at the shape of the grain where the split is occurring and thinking a split was inevitable.  Looks like there's an entire little pocket in that spot which will eventually separate and pop out.  IMHO,  finish isn't going to save this.  Picking a starting piece of lumber with long straight grain will be the trick.

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I like the spoon shape, but it looks like the bowl is hollowed through the face of a flat-sawn board. That left a little 'island' of grain layers, which is veey likely to flake completely off.

The epoxy might fix it, but in future spoons, look for straight grain that won't result in such an 'island' when hollowed.

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