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2 months to get to this point. Dealing with architect and county. Rules here are very tough in Florida. Due to past hurricanes. So good rules keep home owners ins cost down. But they get carried away.

Finally done! Most materials are out of the shop and in my new storage shed. My scrap pile is gone. All the good scraps now reside in the rack along with the same species The worthless scraps wil

2 of the 3 lights do what I need. I'll install the third light after the garage door is installed. Got it painted... The last thing before inspection is the garage door. Then I will build a

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The lithium last a lot longer also besides not leaking. In this case reliability and longer life is more important to me than a partial savings. When I say leak I mean leak of energy not the battery leaking stuff...The leak I am talking about may take several months on non lithium. All batteries are know to leak. Except lithium. Also lithium can use a much higher percentage of the total amps available. 

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23 hours ago, curlyoak said:

Yes, that can be done. But this application calls for non wired battery lights. My modern thought due to LED's and lithium batteries. Without those 2 in this configuration it would be wired...

“This application” meaning this was how the permit was applied for? But I assume that lights will be seldom used? 

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Hi Coop. Not a permit thing. Just how I will use it. Most of the time when I get into the shed it will be daytime. And I won't get in the shed daily. On rare occasion I will need a little light on the subject. So for this application an LED with lithium. That means a rare experience of replacing the batteries. Much less money and work for the needs. It is not a finishing room. I'm storing lumber. And garden tools. 

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Getting close to th finish line.  I am impressed with the lights, brighter then I though they would be and like you said, they will provide enough light when you need it.

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OK Mark, you are right. But I don't expect to change the batteries for a long time.


I got the new door and now I can get the final inspection. But there is an issue. The installer told me. I did not have to look for it...



By missing center on the lock, it is causing a problem with the flat steel attached to the lock. I have not looked at it closely. The installer wants to replace the panel. That means I can't build my racks. Still...The panel has to be ordered.

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4 hours ago, treeslayer said:

I assume the installer is paying for a new panel, a delay on your project for sure, looks great otherwise

They replaced it. No charge. I told the company not to send the same installer. They had my deposit and I had the balance. If they did not behave, I would not pay.

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All these years there was so much scraps that were buried. It was as if I did not have 75% of the scraps. Now they will either smoke meat or be on top of the stack of the same species and available.

Thanks for the nice comments. Still more cleanup in the shop. Then I will have earned a new router table...My reward...

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