Unfinished cabinet door warped


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I recently built an oak whiskey cabinet with all traditional joinery. It has a solid wood split panel door. It turned out really well and everything was perfectly square. I brought it inside the house (very dry) to show it off. I accidentally left the cabinet door on the kitchen table and when I woke up the next morning, the door was twisted about 1/4 inch. I know I can adjust the hinges to make it work, but I'd rather it be flat because it is an inset door. Is there a way to unwarp the door while it's still unfinished? Thanks! 


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Thanks Gary. I set a boiling humidier underneath the door with the concave side facing down. It seemed to work well. All the corners are now on the same plane, which is most important to me. There is a dip in the middle because I over steamed the center, but that's acceptable. Thanks again for the advice. 

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Did you give your stock a chance to rest after it was rough cut?  I ask because I have found that most rough cut stock will warp a bit after cutting.  Some will not, but in my experience,  most will.

I hope you can successfully figure out how to get the door flat again and keep it that way.



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