Need advise regarding this wooden desk and what should i do with it.


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Hello everyone


I saw this forum about wood so i said i should ask here :D


I watched a lot of youtube tutorials couldn't find something similar to what i'm looking for and what i should do with this desk


Basically i was just thinking to spray it black but i saw those kind of black layers and wooden ones i'm really not into this but if someone could teach me what i need for this wood to fix it and spray it black as new hopefully someone knows and thx <3










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16 minutes ago, wtnhighlander said:

I think that particle board desk is a bit too far gone for spray paint to be of much help.

I agree, but i think its worth fixing rather than just throwing it away

New ones is verry expensive and small


I tried to watch some videos of wood filler,sanding,painting,spraying but i don't think it would work in my sutiation

I just wanna give it a new fresh look but idk what to do at this point.

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20 minutes ago, wtnhighlander said:

You can try soaking the exposed particle board with CA glue or epoxy, then apply a few coats of shellac and sand it until you have a smooth, hard surface. Then spray it black.

The problem is that some of the edge banding looks like a laminate material, not wood veneer. The glue and paint may not stick.

Hmm what about the exposed wood behind the black in the pictures like is the shellac gonna solve this exposed wood or what

Pff this desk is a mess

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9 minutes ago, xMidNight said:

Well it looks like theres nothing to do with it


Yes i got wallpaper wrapper but i was thinking to remove it and fix the actual wood because the wallpaper straight garbage, maybe i will throw it or get a new wallpaper :D

Not wallpaper but black contact paper. Its one step above dirt.

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