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One thing I've learned this past five years is that not all tools are a good fit for me, or for a given purpose.

I've found that my arm motions don't work well with the straight-handle saws for dovetailing. The traditional saw handle works better give my arm motions and grip.

As I posted regarding two planes a couple of months ago one was more comfortable for arm motion 'x' while the other felt better for 'y.'

I've a friend who does construction work and who still uses his old Dewalt NiCd tools because of the balance. The newer tools don't fit his use so well.

I do this when recommending (again) cameras: Check the feel and comfort before buying because they're all good.

The moral of the story: "Buy once" works for many things but not all and certainly not for anything that you hold in your hand.

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13 hours ago, RichardA said:

Why would anyone want a number 2?  Only two fingers and a thumb can hold it.

Violin makers use very small planes to shape the curves on the inside of the fronts and backs of the instruments.  Pretty sure the same is true of mandolin makers, and perhaps some guitar makers.  Ukuleles tend to have flat fronts and backs but wouldn't be surprised if some of those have hollowed insides as well. 

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