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Those of you that have experience building kitchen cabinets: what is the longest, full-extension, undermount or centermount ball-bearing drawer slide I can use in a box that is 26" deep (24.5" inside)?

From what I see on the supplier's web sites, it appears to be 21", but I'd like to hear you experience.


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Just because you use a 21" slide doesn't mean the drawer can only be 21" you can put a shorter slide on a longer drawer.

I usually get 22" but that is because i make my cabinets to 24" outside and want to leave a bit of space inside. For you a 24" slide should be possible with 1/2" of fluff space.

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Most undermount slides ,even the ones without soft close have a self close, that's what holds the drawer shut.  Usually undermount slides have a pin or hook that goes into the back of the drawer. This means that the drawer length is fixed by the slide you choose.  I've gotten 26" Blum concealed slides.  There are also heavy duty versions for big drawers. 

Some ball bearing side mount slides can also be used as undermount. 100 lb rating side mount is maybe 40 lb or less when undermount did.

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