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8 hours ago, derekcohen said:

Very nice! Any details of the construction and finish?

Regards from Perth


I’ve done a number of curved and bow fronts, I guess it’s because they’re so challenging (at least for me).

I use 3/16” plywood for the door and drawer front cores.  I use  Gorilla glue for the bowed laminations and non-visible structural components because it’s very strong and there is no spring back.  I’ve learned that you can’t use it liberally like yellow glue and that you have to anticipate the foaming that occurs when it cures.

I apply a backer veneer for the veneered surfaces unless they’re made of MDF. I attach smal pieces of hardwood to both ends of the plywood drawer fronts using biscuit and Gorilla glue and use my Leigh jig to make the dovetails used to attach the drawer sides.

The most difficult part was rabbiting the rounded bead mounding surrounding the curved surfaces. I used a table router and jig to do this; however, my first attempt cost me the tip of my finger (learned the hard way..!). 

Im sure that I could learn a lot more and welcome your informed responses

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