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If all are an identical pattern, it seems like batching 20 per month shouldn't be too difficult. That's assuming your orders aren't in spurts. Most of us being hobbyists, it would be very ineffective to make one or three at a time. For example, my tooling, space, and available time would force me to cut 20 boxes of parts one weekend, perhaps assemble the following weekend, and finish the week after that. Some specialized clamping jigs and drying racks might speed that up a fair bit.

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Best of luck finding production help. Might get more calls if you provide a ballpark price range, or more info on your needs and lead time (qty of pine vs walnut, other style options, would the person be responsible for staining and finishing or only construction? Etc). 

Have you considered using real cherry for your cherry color option? I’d imagine that it would be pretty reasonably priced in PA. 

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Hi Coop, for the pine, we're looking to pay under $100 / box (including materials) and probably a bit more for the walnut.

 I appreciate your interest, but think we prefer a builder located within driving distance to avoid shipping costs.  We are 10 miles from Philly, in NJ.

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