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51 minutes ago, gee-dub said:

Another hockey tape guy here.  No gooey residue from 3M.  I did try some "sports tape" from one of the big box sports stores and it was pretty pathetic.  I did cut grooves and use some Plasti-dip long ago:


Although the Plasti-dip held up great, the hockey tape with the "cord" wrap gives me a better grip.


Sorry for the minor thread-jack.  


No problems.  I'm always happy to have Americans appreciate the great sport of Hockey!

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15 hours ago, Art said:

Not at all.  I think it helps that I'm not sweating all over the clamps.  It honestly makes them much better to use.

I must have been thinking about something else. Now that i think about it there was only ever small amounts of goo left over on the bottom of the stick. Good hockey tape can grip really well i remember the leather palms of my gloves never won the battle against it.

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5 minutes ago, K Cooper said:

The organization would be a shock to my shop, family and friends! Great job Art! 

Oh believe me, there's a reason I took close ups.  The rest of the shop still looks like the aftermath of a tornado.  I've just accepted that my shop will never look like Kev's.

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Looks really good Better then anything in my shop frankly my shop furniture is as basic as you can get lap joint and screws made from ply.  Don’t even use pocket screws just drill it in from the face.  Shoot half my cabinets don’t even have handles :)

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I think the tool cabinet turned out awesome! It's always good to have room for expansion unless you want to limit the number of tools you have. For some people that might be a good idea. In order to buy a new tool they have to sell one to make room.

On 6/15/2019 at 9:58 PM, K Cooper said:

Yeah, there are a couple of guys on here that concern me. Actually more than a couple! To be honest, I’m probably in the minority as far as being organized. Glad to hear I have company :ph34r:

Naa you probably aren't what you never can see is the mess that is behind the camera. It's pretty easy to keep moving the mess behind the camera for each picture .... giving the illusion of a perfectly clean shop.

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