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I've never seen a Ruby sit still. Well, except the few that have managed to fly into my garage and never find their way back out the wide open doors. I managed to catch one that was too exhausted to fly, but still breathing. Put him outside in the shade, with a cup of water, and he disappeared shortly after. Most don't make it.

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Playing with the manual features of my smartphone camera. LG V10, set to iso 50, 1.8 apeture, and 30 seconds of exposure. No tripod, just laid on the handrail of my deck, lens up, at about 10 pm.


Not sure how much the forum software will compress this, but the raw image shows a fair number of stars, with some whispy clouds in the foreground. Hope to try a similar shot in October, when we have the clearest night sky, and from a location with less light polution. Should be able to capture the Milky Way.

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@Coop, I live about 2 miles from one of the largest (2nd or 3rd, IIRC) Native American "Mound Builder" complexes in North America. Contains the second tallest mound in the country, I believe, over 70 feet tall. Its a state park, and usually closes at dark, but I want to get permission to take some night shots from atop the big mound. Should be really cool.

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