Getting Rid of Grain Filler Swirls

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I’ve been using water based grain filler on my mahogany projects recently. I’ve noticed that the filler has left visible swirls when finished.

 I allow the filler to dry for 30-60 minutes and wipe it off. I also sand the surface lightly w/ 320# paper. I mix wood dye with the filler and I’m afraid of using more aggressive sandpaper fearing that I’ll remove some of the dye. I finished the project with 3 coats of shellac; sanding between each coat.

Any advice appreciated...

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Picture would help. 

So the piece was sanded with 320 leaving the filler IN THE GRAIN and sanded off the flat grain? Or did you leave the filler over the entire surface with a light scuff. Think of it like a pigmented topcoat?

If the filler was tinted with color it shouldn't remove the color left in the grain. Sanding color won't remove color unless you sand so much that you remove all the filler.

I think since you sealed the surface with shellac it would be best to strip and do over. 


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