who else wants carbide rod for burnisher?

Tom King

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After decades of just using whatever I could find close at hand, like a screwdriver, or back of a gouge, I've decided to go high-tech, and get some carbide rod burnishers for scrapers.  Being cheap, and just wanting to get the job done, I've found a place that sells high quality carbide rods for a few bucks.   The trouble is, even with a small order, shipping is close to $20.

The shipping cost doesn't go up for a handful, so I'm asking here who else wants one.  I would be willing to buy them, and ship what you want, and we can divide up the shipping cost however it works out.  I'm not making this offer anywhere else, and don't want it to grow to the point that it would be more trouble than it's worth, but thought maybe a few here would appreciate it.  It will be a one time thing.  I also reserve the right to just forget this if it looks like it's going to be more trouble than it's worth-might limit it to time, and numbers.

Here's the list of solid rods, and the individual prices.


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Check some of the local industrial supply co.'s the ones around my area sell all kinds of tube steel, plate steel, I beams, different steel alloys, stainless, aluminum, 01, now I've never bought carbide rod in my local stores but, I've ended up buying special items that they didn't stock and they had it shipped in on their next shipment I don't think they charged any extra.

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I'm not near any kind of industrial supplier, and won't be going any time soon.  This is the easy way for me to get some to play with for not much.

  You can get anything you want off of that list Richard.  They have several different grades, as well as different diameters and lengths.  They don't have a minimum order requirement on size, or number.   Just the minimum shipping charge.  Since they are so cheap, I'm going to get several sizes to see what they will do.

I was just thinking that if anyone wanted one, or several sizes, to play with for a few bucks, here's how you can get it.  No need to waste time discussing any other method.  I'm not trying to talk anyone into anything.  I'm going to order some regardless.

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Order submitted, so offer is off if you have not already sent me a PM.  1/4" x 6 Ultrafine Carbide ended up about 10 bucks with shipping to me, and then to you.  I forget what the other sizes cost that different guys wanted, but total shipping is about a buck and a half to each individual, regardless of number of rods.

Don't send me any money.  I want to make sure everything gets here okay, and then I'll send them out.  I have a couple of pedestal buffers in the metal shop, and may play with polishing one to see how much difference it makes.  It's not like I don't have anything else to do, so please don't send me any money in advance.  I'll get them out as soon as I'm able to.

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I already received the ones ordered a while back, but I was disappointed with the results, and didn't bother to even contact anyone, or at least, I forgot about it.  I think it's the surface finish.  To start with, they don't raise as smooth a burr as the Crown awl I've been using for so long.  I think I can improve them by buffing with some really fine diamond paste.  I have the diamond dust now too, but have just been too busy doing other stuff, that this is the first time I've thought about it since then, only by you reminding me.

Still no promises about when I'll get around to working on them.  That's why I didn't want anyone sending me any money to start with.  It wasn't a sure thing.  I've had a couple of other things come up this Summer that put me way behind on everything else I was planning to do.

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