Bookcase mishap

Tom King

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I've been ordering furniture books lately, and they have started to come in.  When I got home today, after work, there was a stack of books in my chair, and Pam was out working in the garden.  I decided I'd find somewhere to stick these books, but all shelves are pretty full around the house, and in the one small bedroom that we converted to a library back when we were raising our kids.

I have a stack of old Barrister bookcases in the room that Pam is using for a fiber room. That stack is 5 cases high, and the bottom of the top one is right about forehead high on me.  I saw a spot in the top one, that has some horizontal books, and there looked to be enough room to lay a couple of books flat.

I was pushing the last book in, and it was a little tighter than I thought it was.  The book pushed the top up just a little, and also the top of the glass flap door off the hinges.  I was holding the little knob in my hand, and the top/hinge side fell down, and landed on the bridge of my nose.

Fearing that it would break on my face, and no way that I could control it with the hand on the knob, I gave it sort of a Frisbee throw with the back of my other hand, knowing that it was going to break, but hoping that if it landed flat on the floor that most of the broken glass would be contained underneath it, in the middle of the floor.  Of course, all those decisions happened in some split of a second.

It landed flat on the floor, and didn't break!  It knocked one of the corner mortises a little loose, but I was able to push them back in place, and re-install the door.

Except for a little bruise on the bridge of my nose, there is no evidence that anything happened, but it hurt like hell.


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Glad you’re ok. My take away from this was that Pam was working in the garden. How did you accomplish this? Bless her heart but my wife knows We/I have a garden but full realization doesn’t hit until I lay the veggies on her kitchen counter. ;)

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I solved that problem long ago.  I told her that if she wanted a garden, that she was welcome to have one.  I always do the initial preparation, but after that, I'm done.  I'm often cutting grass, or such, maintaining the Ponderosa until dark a lot of evenings, but I don't plant, or tend to anything.

The first thing we bought after we were married was a Troybilt tiller.  It still runs, but hasn't been used since we went to a raised bed system.

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There were a few time when I got bonked on the nose pretty hard, but never got it looked at. Then years later my doctor was checking things out up there & asked me how many time I'd broken my nose. I told him I didn't know of any, but he thought at least a couple.

A good whack on the beak brings with it its own special kind of pain. I don't like it one bit.

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