a c-clamp + a scrap wood = a honing guide

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yes, because i couldn't find in my area any honing guide even a cheap one or the Stanley model .. i had to hone it by hand but didn't master it .. this blade bevel is very short and it's hard to reference it freely by hand .. i needed something temporary till i can buy from the net something very good .. i think with the c-clamp because of the screw is somehow is similar and found it works but hard to square up the blade but still helps as something momentary

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Somewhere along the way I saw a guy that made a honing guide out of a bolt and a few nuts and washers. About $1.00 worth of common hardware.

As long as it allows you to keep the angle consistent and is repeatable, then rock on.

One thing I've wondered about and maybe one of you guys has some insight.

At Rockler, we sell a very simple and inexpensive honing guide. It looks like this: (first image) and sells for $15.


Lie Nielsen's is basically the same thing:

(Second image) and sells for $125.

Now besides better metals and better machining, does anyone know if the LN is so much better that it justifies the massive price increase?

I have 2 of their planes be and I love them both but I use the veritas honing guide for hand sharpening. It was spendy but I get great results with it. (Third picture)






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14 hours ago, applejackson said:




I have both of these and can assure you they are not the same. Whether the LN is worth the money for you I cannot say but I can say it works very well and much better than the $15 version. More stable, holds the blades better, multiple blade holders, etc. Any saw will cut would but a Bad Axe saw is not only amazing to use but looks amazing too. This is how I see these two the LN just works better :) 

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