newbie asks about block planes

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Ok, I know that a block plane can be a very useful so I got myself a cheap one. ($20-Great Neck 7" Adjustable Block Plane)

I know from watching Shannon's recent video on his Lie Nelson plane that it has to be cleaned and should be honed.

How do I do that? What do I use to clean it?

are there any instructions (preferably a video) that shows me how to hone it and what to hone it with. (I know a honing stone but how big of a stone do I need and is there anything I should be aware of when I buy a cheap one.

Next, now the more stupid question. When should I use the block plane? I do not have a planer or joiner. I'm not going to try to plane rough wood with this plane. What are some times that the block plane is good to use?

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Lie-nielsen has this and other videos on sharpening and plane use:


from there you can probably see part II

Others more glib and expert-level can chime in on some of your questions.

I use block plane for easing edges, chambering leg bottoms (and other), light trimming, some rough shaping on convex surfaces, use it a lot.

a sharp plane iron makes a world of difference.

It is not hard, but seems it takes numerous attempts, then going back to videos, articles, some in person

and it starts to click.

Chris Schwarz or Popular Woodworking has lots of videos and articles on sharpening.

Enjoy the block plane.

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The block plane derives its name from butcher blocks and its low bed angle excels at end grain. Once you've got things clean and sharp, drive some dowels into a board and practice trimming the ends flush.

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