Haze on wipe-on poly

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15 minutes ago, drzaius said:

It's very common. I don't entirely understand why it happens, but it does & it can be very persistent. Even after sanding the joint smooth again, it can appear after another coat of finish.

Could it possibly be differing amounts of movement between the wood on either side of the joint? Sounds true to the nature of wood. I’ve also seen it on segmented bowls as they age, the wood is still moving a little (shrinking) and the glue is not.

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Glue introduces moisture to the joint, causing swell. Should you sand while wood hasn't fully recovered or cured, shrunk back. Basically you sand off the high spot. As the glue shrinks and cures... you now have an ever so slight depression.

When you apply a slow drying finish as in this case, the wood re-wets swells and the finish hardens in the swelled wood causing an issue.  Sometimes, I find the cause can be a glue starved joint and the finish works down and can swell the joint.

I think in this particular case, it was all the process that may of caused the issue ...water/lye/ finish/sand off/water/lye/finish. The wood was subjected to many cycles of moisture and perhaps compromised the outer portion of a couple glue seams. 

That's my 2 cents :huh:


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