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So I'm trying to resaw some red oak I milled last fall using my Laguna 14bx 3 hp BS.  The first couple of dozen boards went quite well.  Some of them were about 12" wide, which is right at the limit of the resaw capacity of the saw.  I'm using one of Laguna's 5/8" resaw blades (not a carbide Resaw King).  Towards the end, while trying to slice a 10" wide board, it really bogged down, so I slowed down and kept pushing.  It eventually seized up and blew the circuit.  After resetting the circuit, the saw wouldn't restart, so after some investigation, I realized I had melted the blade to the tire on the drive wheel:


Obviously I pushed too hard, and I am an idiot for doing that.  I'm not worried about the blade and tire as they are easily enough replaced.  What worries me is that the motor feels very hot now, and won't start.  For those that actually know a little about electric motors, do I just need to let it cool down, or is it possible I've completely burned it out?


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2 hours ago, Art said:

Thanks guys.  I probably should have just read the manual rather than freaking out.  I checked it later in the day and it was all good...

I get it sometimes you just need someone to remind you about what you know but forgot in a moment of panic. I've been there.

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