Dust collection in basement shop

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Trouble with DC noise is that the unit it's self isn't so loud. I have an Oneida unit and it's quiet until I open up a blast gate. The sound at the gate is by far louder than the DC unit.

Only reason i point this out is because if the inlet was in another room I'd be able to stand by my unit without hearing protection no problems. So how they are measured may not be apples to apples comparison...... When i did my research the Laguna unit that is hepa certified had some sound dampening material added and would as a result far better in the noise area.

With a basement shop I'd suggest a hepa or similar certified filter unit. With my basement shop you'd never be able to tell that I generate around 70 gallons of sawdust a month. My shop stays very clean and the rest of the house and furnace filter have little to no impact as a result. Before the hepa unit there was an impact on the furnace and rest of the house.

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